95 colors of pink bathroom replacement tile — and where to get it

If you think pink is a *limited* color, think pink again. At World of Tile — a time capsule tile store that we discovered in Springfield, N.J. — I counted 95 colors of vintage pink bathroom replacement tile. If you need replacements — for wall or floor — this is your go-to source. You will need to send an actual sample — photos won’t work — because, did I mention: There are 95 potential matches! Tell Chippy I sent you. Oh, and they have lots of great vintage floor tile, too. Original story here. Contact World of Tile here.


  1. By Bill R. on

    I shopped everywhere first, then I made calls to tile shops and still came up empty.
    Pink tiles, older building, black toothbrush holder 4.25″
    Did a websearch, found this site.
    they said they have the piece.

    If Chippy’s there I’ll say, “you Rock!”


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