95 colors of pink bathroom replacement tile — and where to get it

If you think pink is a *limited* color, think pink again. At World of Tile — a time capsule tile store that we discovered in Springfield, N.J. — I counted 95 colors of vintage pink bathroom replacement tile. If you need replacements — for wall or floor — this is your go-to source. You will need to send an actual sample — photos won’t work — because, did I mention: There are 95 potential matches! Tell Chippy I sent you. Oh, and they have lots of great vintage floor tile, too. Original story here. Contact World of Tile here.


  1. By Michelle French on

    Not only does the house I am buying have a pink and black bathroom, but the pink/salmon tiles are wavy. How can I ever replace the cracked tiles?

  2. By Jay Harbison on

    Need help finding replacement soap holder for our pink bathroom. Need it to be gray (complimentary trim color) or pink. Any ideas, please let me know- harbison2773@msn.com. I called world of tile in Jersey and said the number was disconnected.

    Thank you.

  3. By Bill R. on

    I shopped everywhere first, then I made calls to tile shops and still came up empty.
    Pink tiles, older building, black toothbrush holder 4.25″
    Did a websearch, found this site.
    they said they have the piece.

    If Chippy’s there I’ll say, “you Rock!”


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