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pink bathroom
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  1. By caeti on

    My husband and I just bought our first home , it has a pink tiled bathroom lined with blueish-grey-green tile , I really want to tear it out , but if I can find some way that will make it work and look nice I wouldn’t mind keeping it , I just need help , I don’t care for crazy bold giant pattern wallpapers that I see a lot of people use , and the bathroom is a little small so I’m worried a darker color will make the bathroom fill like a coffin , if I could get help I would absolutely appreciate it

  2. By on

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  3. By Janice Lombardo on

    Looking to buy an old set,sink,tub,vanity . Would love aqua or pink or other color. I’m in st Louis area.

  4. By Mica on

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to purchase a house with a pink bathroom but I did purchase a 1970’s beautiful home with a classic Orange main bathroom withe a wonderful burnt orange counter top. The Master Bathroom is an Awesome, light lemon yellow tiled shower with matching yellow counter top. I renovated the kitchen but I declared the bathrooms a safe zone and swore the reno crew to an Off zone. I Love my Orange and Yellow Bathrooms!

  5. By Matthew Bierlein on

    I have a pink tub, sink, and toilet that I would like to sell to someone that would appreciate them. I thought this might be a good place to look. please contact me if you know of anyone

  6. By Melanie Colley on

    i am restoring a pink and maroon bath and only need one bull nose and one corner piece in maroon to complete the project and would love to share the pictures and will be doing another pink and blue/gray one soon. please help! anyone… ihave tried navigating all of the sites from all of these pages and have not seen anything simple.

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