Glamorlux Nancy’s pink poodle bathroom

pink bathroom
Glamorlux Nancy was one of the first Retro Renovation readers to show off a vintage pink bathroom that she had embraced wholeheartedly. Her theme: Pink poodles, how appropro. “Two years ago,” she says, “when we were house-hunting, the pink bathroom (and other original 50’s features) is what sold us on this particular home!” Her bathroom is an all-time favorite — with readers writing me regularly to ask, “Where can I get a shower curtain just like that?” Sorry, folks, no straighforward answer on that one. You’ll have to hunt it down vintage. But send out kind and patient vibes, and the retro decorating gods may well send one your way. Read more about Nancy’ bathroom over on Retro Renovation.


  1. By Lela Cogar on

    My bathroom is painted a deep pink with a seashell trim. I have accessorized with grey and pink rugs and towels and a few seashell decorative items. I have modern oak cabinets and a white tub and commode. A relative criticized the pink. I like it. Any suggestions as to how I can put it together better.

  2. By lindsey on

    My upstairs powder room has matching pink poodle wallpaper…and thankfully my husband’s family(who prior to us has lived here since the early 1900’s) saved the extra wallpaper! I have 2 whole rolls to use! :)

  3. By courtney evans on

    I love the bathroom. Is it pink pink or peachy pink? I just bought a 1962 ranch home with original bathtub and toilet. I assume that the tile is original but it is very different from the 4″ tiles. I have 1x1speckled tile. I am at a loss as to how to decorate. I don’t want to lose the tub or toilet as I wanted a midcentury home that had been untouched. Help.

  4. By eliza on

    We have the same pink mosaic tile pattern on the floor in our bathroom. I want to keep it but it looks very dated and worn. Any suggestions for cleaning and restoring the tile, without replacing it?

  5. By 50s Pam on

    it’s vintage, Lisa — you need to stalk ebay and watch for another one. they do come up….

  6. By Vicky on

    I have been looking for this exact Pink Poodle shower curtain.I want to put it back into our childhood 60’s pink bathroom.
    Cannot find it anywhere so far.

  7. By Betty on

    Hi! Our house was built in 1952. Our bathroom has pink tiled walls with the burgendy trim. We also have the same pink tiled floor as Nancy. Nancy do you have any advice on what to use on the tile floor to clean it. The floor never looks clean to me. Any advice?

  8. By 50s Pam on

    hi pat, sounds great — the first place i point folks to is: they advertise on my site. tell ’em i sent you… if they cannot help you i am sure they will give you some other pointers… good luck!

  9. By Pat on

    I recently bought a 1939 Tudor Cape house and I have a pink bathroom that I love. However, there is one problem. While the tub and sink are a very dark pink, the previous owners replaced the toilet with one that is pale pink. I would like to have the same color of pink for the tub, toilet and sink. Where might I find the very dark pink…almost magenta toilet?

  10. By Tammy on

    I absolutely love your pink poodle bathroom!!!

    I grew up with a bathroom that was done in blue & white tile, and it had this gorgeous flocked poodle pattern adorning the walls – I loved it!!

    Yours looks FANTASTIC!!!

  11. By 50s Pam on

    Marie, that bathroom will be there long after your son. I say, work with him to paint and decorate it with accessory colors — gray maybe — that “play down” the pink. But, why gut it? $$

  12. By Marie Hayden on

    I am buying my first home and the main bath has the same pink tub, toilet and tile floor
    but it is my sons(6yrs old) bathroom, I like it but he don’t and i don’t want to change it what should i do?

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