Pink bathrooms (and pink kitchens): Why do we love them so? Science has an answer…

kohler-1959Yes, evolutionary biology pretty much answers all questions about why we like anything. Our partners. Chocolate. Pink bathrooms…. Our preferences are hard-wired into our brains (which reach all the way down to our stomachs) back to caveman and cavewoman days. Why pink? Well…for women, scientists hypothesize that our senses are honed to the color as part of our historic hunting-and-gathering role. Those of us who can spot the bright red berries — survive! Hey, it sounds good to me, I like berries a lot, too. Read more about pink and evolutionary biology over on Retro Renovation.


  1. By Mary Beth Driscoll on

    As the owner of a house with not one but two pink bathrooms, I love to preserve what truly gives a house special character instead of making it conform with what ever is being promoted by the big box guys this year. Here’s to loving what we have and then finding out a decade or so later that what we loved was actually cool all along.

  2. By ELLIE on

    I admit it, was thinking about rennovating our master PINK bathroom in our 1960s built home. But now, after reading this article, have decided perhaps it is best to fix what’s broken and in need of redoing and maintain the pink theme.

    Mamie would be so proud!

  3. By Michelle on

    This website is great! I, too, have a pink tiled bathroom. I mean the ENTIRE bathroom, floor to ceiling, including the ceiling, is pink tile. The previous owners put in white fixtures, and the outside wall is about 2/3 glass block window, but everything else is Mamie pink.
    I’ve been thinking about how to redecorate the room, considering demo even, but now I have a reason to keep it as it is. When I want a change of scenery, I change the shower curtain, or the color of the towels. I accent with green frogs (which ties in my gardening theme throughout the rest of the house).
    As soon as I can get a good picture, I will post it.
    Thanks for creating such a fun site!

  4. By on

    I don’t have a pink kitchen or bath but I’m putting together a pink office. I’ve read pink is good for creativity.

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