Susan learns to love her Jack ‘n Jill pink bathroom

susan-in-the-pink-jack-and-jill-bathroomIt’s a pink bathroom bonanza: Here we have not only pink , but also the blog’s first Jack ‘n Jill bathroom. And — the adorable Susan (above), a first-time homeowner, to tell us all about the bathroom, and her ‘new’ 1962 home. Surprise surprise, her note includes this:

“When we first bought the house I was not a fan of the bathrooms. However, thanks to your site I have realized how great a pink bathroom can be!”

northcrest-modern-houseSusan writes:

My fiancé and I just purchased a 1962 split level in Northcrest, a subdivision outside of Atlanta. When we tell people where we live many say, “Isn’t that where all those weird houses are?” We proudly say yes! (For some really interesting history and a peek at the neighborhood check out We are truly, madly, deeply in love with our mid-century wonder! Here is our story:


Though Eric (my fiancé) and I both grew up in the area we never knew of Northcrest’s existence. A mid century enthusiast friend encouraged us to check it out. We fell in love with the neighborhood and began driving through several times a week. We were in no position to buy a home but that didn’t stop us from checking out every new home listing and every open house. We became total Northcrest stalkers and I’m sure the neighbors probably became concerned.


While looking in the windows of a property for sale Eric was approached by a man who had been driving by. He said he had a house for rent around the corner and would Eric like to see it? Of course Eric agreed. The guy led him around the corner to his recently vacated rental and showed him around. He told Eric that no one seemed interested in renting so he would also be willing to sell it since he was living on the other side of town and paying two mortgages. Eric loved it and a few days later on our regular stalker drive Eric took me by to see the house. The owner just happened to be there (coincidence or fate?) cleaning a few things up and let me come in to look. I was smitten too!


Soon after our visit the owner called to ask if we would like a chance to buy the home before he hired a realtor and put it on the market. Being in no position yet to buy we declined and in February the house went up for sale. In May the house went under contract. We were heartbroken and even stopped driving through the neighborhood for a while. It was just too depressing. Later that month we found a realtor and began our house hunt in earnest. We looked plenty of houses in plenty of neighborhoods. While many were lovely and we tried really hard to like them none had that “this is it!” feeling like our Northcrest home. Then one day I got an excited call from Eric. He had just driven through Northcrest and had great news. Our house was no longer under contract and it was still for sale! It was like it had been waiting for us. We immediately called our realtors (who told us the house had actually been under contract twice), put in an offer and after much negotiating, which is a whole other story, the house was ours!


We closed on July 21st. It hasn’t been totally smooth sailing. Part of our negotiations with the seller was trying to figure out what to do about the plumbing. When our home was built copper piping was cheap and galvanized steel was the fancier way to go. Unfortunately steel pipes rust. We had to have all the plumbing in the house replaced all the way out to the street. It took 3 days of no water but we got it done! The dishwasher is old and at one point was draining into the crawl space. The oven thermostat doesn’t work right. The carpet was totally disgusting and the basement floor is covered in asbestos tiles. The exterior of the house is actually 3 different colors of grey because no one bothered to match the paint for touch ups. The best paint is on the front so it looked good for realtor pictures. However, all those not so great things are what made the house affordable!


We have beautiful tongue and groove pine ceilings, an awesome brick fireplace and wet bar in the den and totally great neighbors! The living room has a wall of windows looking out onto our front yard. The path to the neighborhood pool goes right next to our house. Since the house was not upgraded in any way it leaves plenty of room for awesome renovations! We are in the process of stripping (yes taking all the necessary lead paint precautions) the old paint off the kitchen cabinets and making new cabinet doors.

Pam adds this note: Way to go with environmental and safety precautions. Gold star.] (We are thinking of getting some snap on stainless counter edging. Take a look at the pictures and see what you think!) A new counter top is in order for the wet bar and we are considering taking down drywall a previous owner put up over an exposed brick wall. The downstairs bathroom is going to get new drywall and a new floor.


The Jack and Jill was to be the bathroom of the future! Many of the homes in our neighborhood have them (or had them. People tend to redo them). The bigger, more narrow side of the bathroom is the guest bath which is accessible from the hallway. The smaller one is attached to the master bedroom. We are pretty sure the star burst light fixtures are original. The tile is in sad shape but we think a good professional cleaning and sealing will make it almost new again. The ceilings are stained tongue and groove pine. I also threw in the picture of the outside of the house.

When we first bought the house I was not a fan of the bathrooms. However, thanks to your site I have realized how great a pink bathroom can be!

It’s all so exciting. I really couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Thank you so much for sharing, Susan. It’s great to hear your story. And it sounds like you know to buckle up, as renovation is almost always a bumpy ride. Also, I hope you don’t mind my calling you ‘adorable.’ I am quite much older than you, it’s one of the perks. Keep us apprised of your home-making shenanigans and continue to renovate safely. :)

Susan and Eric’s blog: Our Modern Mess.

This post original ran on Retro Renovation’s Save The Pink Bathrooms Week 2009.


  1. By Shari on

    OK, from looking at your pics I know understand why there is a toilet paper dispenser inside the vanity in our hall bathroom. Obviously there was originally a sink attached to the wall with no vanity. Lightbulb moment! I am learning.

  2. By Mournes on

    OMG! I thought my grandparents were the only ones to have a bathroom like that! The Jack and Jill style, that is (sorry, not pink – that was the upstairs bath, LOL). It served as their only downstairs bathroom for 2 adults and 4 children (3 boys, 1 girl) from when the house was built in 1960/61. Last I saw it, it still had the green tub and sinks, solid kinda heathery patterned green and brown tiles, and brownish wallpaper with pine cones and fir needles. Wow, this brings back the memories!

  3. By Kate Hirschi on

    So happy to read this entry, our Mid Century home had some oddities in the bathroom (which has been poorly updated) we could tell that the wall between our two baths had been built on top of the side of the tub and their was a fan in one side that could be turned on from both, same situation with the lights. I was in awe, but this must be it, it makes total sense! -Thanks, Kate

  4. By Sheree on

    My husband and I are in the middle of remodeling our 70’s kitchen. Our dilemma is keeping with the 70’s feel of the home, but also updating the kitchen to 2010 convenience. Tough one, as I’m sure many of you have discovered.

    Anyway, while online researching the types of cabinets people use when dealing with a couple brick arched areas and dark stained trim on window frames, baseboard and crown molding, I stumbled upon this website….and then Save The Pink Bathroom link. Unfortunately it’s time for dinner and I can’t read all the postings and comments, but I will be back!!

    My husband and I are in our mid-fifties, so much of what I’m seeing on this website is stuff I either have in storage….or live with in this particular. We even have a blue Jack ‘n’ Jill bathroom….total blue including double oval sinks, toilet, and shower/tub. Like I said, “I’ll be back!”


  5. By Liz Boshoven on

    We had a fifties era home in Santa fe, New Mexico that had a bathroom configuration just like this but no pink. We hated it when we saw it but after ten years living with it we grew to love it. The realtors there called it a “hollywood” bathroom. Enjoy!

  6. By on

    My 4-6th grade years were spent in a house with two full bathrooms, one pink with green floors and one green with pink floors. My siblings and I shared the Jack and Jill pink bathroom. I LOVED that pink bathroom! Sometime soon I’ll dig through our old family photos and send them to you! We also had a kitchen with pink counter tops. <3

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