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  1. By Sarrah Otto on

    I am moving into a house with a 1985 pink bathroom. I’m decorating it with a french country theme.

  2. By Julie D on

    I have a tiny post-war mid-century modest 2BR 1BA home with beige-pink tile half-way up the bathroom walls. Working around this retro feature is what led me to Retro Renovation years ago and now my entire house is beautifully vintage-tastic, thanks to Pam and Kate! And it all started with the bathroom. I couldn’t be happier! …well, if I had another bathroom maybe ;)

  3. By on

    I LOVE all of these
    pink bathrooms, but my husband doesn’t, so I compromised and went with a black and white art deco style in our bathroom. My beautiful late mother had an amazing sunny buttercream yellow and white bathroom in her 1956 bungalow. The toilet and tub are also yellow. Because she mostly bathed rather showered, the tile is still in perfect shape with no mold. It also has really cool yellow and white mosaic floor tile. We are selling the house soon and I am hoping we find a buyer that will keep this wonderful bathroom.

  4. By Erin on

    Just moved to Florida and am now the lucky owner of a large 1947 peach and black master bathroom with glass block. I absolutely love it, and we will be fixing the broken (and remuddled) bits to return it to its full glory.

    Save the pastel bathrooms!

  5. By Lisa on

    My husband and I made an offer on a grand Moorish/Mediterranean home that was built in 1923, the exterior of the home was even a beautiful pink coral color. Unfortuntely, the listing agent was representing the other buyer so we didn’t get the home even though our offer was slightly higher. The home had all of the original bathrooms, one was a light pink color, and most of the original light fixtures. The buyers ripped everything out of that house, removed the tall cypress that accented it and painted the exterior beige. I’m guessing that all of the bathrooms are beige now too. Anyway, I adore vintage bathrooms and would have preserved every one in that beautiful, stately home. Now the place just looks like a brand new McMansion. So sad! I am joining this site to honor the memory of that home that was “remuddled.”

  6. By BRW on

    My late 1950′s bathroom has light pink tile with a black border as the tub surround and counter top. I love it!! The floor (original tile) is black with speckles of turquoise and pink.

  7. By Nichole on

    My husband and I just moved into a 1965 house with a vintage pink bathroom. My personal goal is to fix it and make it shine like it was just built ( with my own personal flare). Roswell Ga

  8. By Lisa on

    I have a pink tile bathroom with grey trim – although I wish it was black trim. Decided to make a glam bathroom and just go for it. I love it, and wouldn’t take out the tile for anything. :-)

  9. By Paisley on

    Bought a classic old Florida 1967 trailer…er…”mobile home”, complete with original pink bathtub! Can’t wait to finish my vintage powder room up with ads in my 1950s magazines (that cost me $2.50 each!!!)
    So excited!

  10. By Randi Bagley-Goodwin on

    I don’t know if I’ll ever get to save one personally, but if my outspoken opinions can help, I’m sure I’ll save 100+! My mother-in-laws was pink squares with black subway style trim! What a dream potty!

  11. By Laurie Louise on

    I have discovered pink paint in our back bathroom! I SHALL have a pink bathroom!

  12. By Lina on

    We’re about to give some TLC to the vintage pink and black bathroom upstairs. Thanks for the great ideas we found here.

  13. By L. Madaffer on

    Moved back into my parent’s 1960 Pease home 7 years ago and am saving the original Pink bathroom along with the original Black/White/Maroon bathroom!
    I SAVE the pick bathroom my sister and I grew up in!

  14. By Sarah Turnbull on

    I’ve just moved my groovy pink toilet – probably a 70s number – from the tiny “en suite” (basically a cupboard with a toilet in it) into the main bathroom of my c. 1915 house in Castlemaine, Australia. Now I’m on the lookout for a co-ordinating colour of pink enamel pedestal sink :-)

  15. By Becky on

    I bought my first house a year ago from 1940s. Bathroom is pink tiled, with pink and blue flooring, out of date pluming, and white-tiled trim. I originally hated it, but it’s grown on me. I have slowly been modifying the style to get rid of the blue and make it pink, black and white, complete with 50s-style light, and framed pictures of pin-up girls. The suggestion on here to help the colors with black and white is spot on and has allowed me to save this pink bathroom.

  16. By on

    Ready to buy a 1939 house w/ one pink and one teal original _ TINY _ bathroom. I’m trying to convince my husband that we should keep them, but 1/2 the time i’m worried it will just be too hard to look at for 30 years. maybe we keep the pink and rip out the teal?

  17. By Jasara on

    I just bought a 1956 home that is almost in it’s original condition, probably because we are only the second owners. One of the bathrooms is pink and green – pink toilet and porcelain tub with green sink and other accents. I loved it even before I stumbled across this site and have convinced my husband to appreciate it too! I’m a big fan of midcentury that blends with current styles, and I pledge to keep the pink and green and only update with a little bit of wall paint and decorations.

  18. By on

    I have a pink bathroom – tub, sink, & commode since 1978. I love them! My walls and ceiling are white. My floor is white with pink flowers. Pink is a happy color! I wish more people would be more gutsy to “pink up” their bathroom vs having a dull white one. I’m looking forward to painting a picture with pink pansies with a blue ribbon and greenery, which will accent the floor and the bathroom fixtures.

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