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  1. By Amy on

    I love my pink bathroom. After I went through a major flood in 2008, the contractor couldn’t wait to rip it out. I had to get rid of the old pink sink but was able to leave the toilet and tub. I found a new sink that matched the style of my old pink tub and had the new sink painted pink to match the rest. I love it and so does others who come to visit. It is a mix of old and new and looks very vintage. I am all girl and would never part with my pink. I even added a strip of one inch pink glass tiles around the shower. It looks great.

  2. By Pati on

    I have been living with my pink and green bath for 22 years, have always loved the funkiness of it. I see pictures here of its Kohler sink and tub. Several years ago we found a new toilet that matched very well. Getting ready to sell and wondered if I should do like the tv shows and gut it. You’ll be pleased to know that every realtor and contractor I asked said “no way! Keep it!”

  3. By Nancy LeBlanc on

    when we had a minor flood, they wouldn’t put back our pink tiles because the backs were covered in concrete. But they saved them for us and two years later, when he has time, my hubby “dremels” out the back and installs the tile, a few at a time. When he is finished, he promises to work on our blue bathroom. Until I read about this website, I didn’t know there were others who loved pink bathrooms as much as I did. I do need a pink toilet seat and I bet I can find out about them here.

  4. By Vicki Coles on

    I have a pink bathroom. It is in the home (in which I was raised) my husband and I are renovating. I value its vintage (one year older than I, it’s 65) but I want a new bathroom. SO, I have been trying to find someone who would like the old pink fixtures. My local Habitat for Humanity ReStore is not interested. I am in the Portland OR area (actually, Vancouver WA). Suggestions?????

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