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Save the Pink Bathrooms
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  1. By L. Madaffer on

    Moved back into my parent’s 1960 Pease home 7 years ago and am saving the original Pink bathroom along with the original Black/White/Maroon bathroom!
    I SAVE the pick bathroom my sister and I grew up in!

  2. By Sarah Turnbull on

    I’ve just moved my groovy pink toilet – probably a 70s number – from the tiny “en suite” (basically a cupboard with a toilet in it) into the main bathroom of my c. 1915 house in Castlemaine, Australia. Now I’m on the lookout for a co-ordinating colour of pink enamel pedestal sink :-)

  3. By Becky on

    I bought my first house a year ago from 1940s. Bathroom is pink tiled, with pink and blue flooring, out of date pluming, and white-tiled trim. I originally hated it, but it’s grown on me. I have slowly been modifying the style to get rid of the blue and make it pink, black and white, complete with 50s-style light, and framed pictures of pin-up girls. The suggestion on here to help the colors with black and white is spot on and has allowed me to save this pink bathroom.

  4. By on

    Ready to buy a 1939 house w/ one pink and one teal original _ TINY _ bathroom. I’m trying to convince my husband that we should keep them, but 1/2 the time i’m worried it will just be too hard to look at for 30 years. maybe we keep the pink and rip out the teal?

  5. By Jasara on

    I just bought a 1956 home that is almost in it’s original condition, probably because we are only the second owners. One of the bathrooms is pink and green – pink toilet and porcelain tub with green sink and other accents. I loved it even before I stumbled across this site and have convinced my husband to appreciate it too! I’m a big fan of midcentury that blends with current styles, and I pledge to keep the pink and green and only update with a little bit of wall paint and decorations.

  6. By on

    I have a pink bathroom – tub, sink, & commode since 1978. I love them! My walls and ceiling are white. My floor is white with pink flowers. Pink is a happy color! I wish more people would be more gutsy to “pink up” their bathroom vs having a dull white one. I’m looking forward to painting a picture with pink pansies with a blue ribbon and greenery, which will accent the floor and the bathroom fixtures.

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