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  1. By Sandra on

    We have a 1960′s flat (in the UK) and have lived here for 34 years….complete with the original pink bathroom, which I LOVE! Unfortunately we had to replace the toilet a few years ago and could only get a white one :-( BUT we still kept the rest of the pink suit and have no intention of changing it :-) We have just brought a second home, another apartment at the coast, and again 1960′s this time with an apricot coloured bathroom suit, which we’re keeping…along with the kitchen serving hatch and all other original features….we have furnished it completely retro too :-)

  2. By Becky Kephart on

    I am buying a 1957 home with few updates, which has a very large double sink all PINK full bathroom. I love your site and hope to find inspiration on how to compliment and celebrate the PINK!

  3. By Ken Fulgione on

    When we bought our house my wife told me that I did not have a PINK bathroom it was retro-rose… I mean what guy wants a Pink bathroom… but we can all live with a little retro-Rose.
    Being in Real Estate I now use my wife’s line every time we run across the Pink bathroom Syndrome…. Most buyers look at me like I am crazy but retro-Rose does grow on you….

  4. By Katherine on

    We have a 1960 house that has had very few updates. We love our mint green kitchen countertop and our pink/peach bathroom! Just this morning we bought some gorgeous NOS pink mosaic floor tile from someone on Craig’s List and this will spruce up the upstairs bathroom which has sort of cruddy, dingy, fake mosaic floor covering in it. We’ve always planned to preserve our pink bathroom, but the beautiful bathrooms on your site have inspired us to get going on our project. We’ll share pictures later!

  5. By on

    I came here to peruse the lightolier catalog but it doesnt seem to want to show itself to me? So ..on to Pink bathrooms. I recently moved into an apartment 1/2 intact Edwardian Architecture with pillars, mirrored doors, window seats, original hardware and so on. But the conversion to apartments was most likely 1930s. My bathroom is Art Deco patterned pink and maroon tiles everywhere you look. Intact. Sadly the all pink tile floor was covered at some point recently with a old fashioned style linoleum flooring.If it was my house I would, as I have done in the past, with Edwardian houses I have owned, and gone digging. Ive never seen tiles like these octagons..pretty large..in pale pink. Well I hope you enjoyed my little story..this is a nice site. I only wish I could access the Catalog.
    Regards, Dan

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