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  1. By Danielle on

    My husband and I purchased this home – our first home – last year, and while I loved the rest of the house, it was the Mamie pink bathroom that sold it for me. I knew it would be a decorating challenge at first, but now that I’ve replaced the drawer/cabinet pulls with new old stock, used complimentary colors in my decor, and pulled up the paint from the adorable pink bathtub, I love it even more than I did when we first viewed the house!

  2. By Carol on

    I had no idea that the pink bathroom which we inherited when we bought the house was this popular! The house was built in 1964 and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it–pink tiles, pink tub, pink toilet. (also pink tile in the kitchen) Guess I won’t get rid of the pink after seeing this site!

  3. By Helene Grossman on

    I am in the market for a home, coming out of a big McMansion kind of home after divorce. I am finally able to pursue my dream of having a time capsule home. I am only looking at homes that have NOT been updated. The more pink bathrooms and paneling the better.

  4. By Jennifer on

    I love pink and I LOVE LOVE LOVE a pink retro bath! I wish I had one!! I vow to encourage anyone I know with one to keep it!

  5. By Amanda on

    After careful deliberation, we are diving in to saving our pink and gray bathroom from our circa 1945 home. So excited to see all of the resources and the other folks who are willing to take the time to save such amazing gems!

  6. By on

    I’m taking the pledge! My lovely pink-and-gray bathroom is almost complete. Photos and commentary coming soon!

  7. By Andrea on

    We just bought a farm house from the 30s that was updated in the 50s. The daughter of lady who was THRILLED to have the remodel around 1952 talks of how proud her Mom was of their “show home.
    ‘ How could I destroy that?

  8. By Lauren W. on

    My husband and i just bought a house built in 1956. We did a lot of work to the others rooms in our house bht we just had to keep our Mamie pink bathroom.

  9. By Alison on

    I love my turquoise bathroom, with pink tiles. I recently bought a house and ripped out the boring white suite and now im having a turquoise suite installed. Its a vintage suite that i bought from “broken bog” they sell discontinued coloured bathroom suites. Everyone thinks im crazy and decreasing the price of the property, i say i love coloured bathrooms and i don’t care!!

  10. By Marilyn Williams on

    I have a ranch home with vintage pink fixtures with grey ceramic tile in perfect condition. I also have a master bath which is gray ceramic also in perfect condition with yellow bath tub and sink and toilet all in excellent condition which is why I have been reluctant over the years to change it. Thank you for this site. I would love to see what others have done. Is there a site with photos? Thank you.

  11. By Lisa on

    My house was built in 1954 and I have pink tiles in one bathroom and green tile in the other. I refuse to give either of them up! I LOVE my home and tiles!

  12. By Rebecca on

    The original pink and blue bathroom is my favorite room in our circa 1950 house. When we were touring the house before buying it I wasn’t crazy about the color but now I can’t believe I ever felt that way. A framed vintage Turner flamingo print looks perfect in there.

  13. By Rosemary on

    We have a vintage pink and black bathroom. The countertops need to be replaced along with the turquoise blue tub. The contractor we are working with is concerned about the pink tile. Said we could remove it . Before I realized it the words out of my mouth were no. I said I would remove the tile that had to be removed to remove the tub myself so as to save and put tile back up.
    I did not like the bath at first but now I do. So easy to use color in in it. Bright and cheery on those long winters days.
    Even though not talking about it. Our other bath is yellow and black. Want to keep both of them as original as I can.

  14. By on

    We just bought a 1915 house. The original owner took very good care of it and the woodwork. The daughter inherited the house and remodeled the kitchen and main bath in pink. The entire house is pink including the exterior. They used to hold fund raisers for breast cancer research at this home. The town is nervous that we are going to paint it a different color. But we love it!!

  15. By Jill butters on

    I have been working with a client for the last several months, basically refreshing her already wonderful home. One day she asked me about the main bathroom…what were my ideas for this very pink situation? KEEP THE PINK!! I cried out! It’s beautiful, feminine, and oh so very unique! She agreed, so I began my search. That’s how I found your website. Thank you thank you thank you!! I cannot wait to get started!!

  16. By Susan on

    This place is exactly what I have been looking for! It breaks my heart every time I see someone tearing up a pink bathroom on a home renovation show. I thought I was the only one who loved to see a pink bathroom anymore! : ) Hooray for pink bathrooms!

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