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Save the Pink Bathrooms
Our goal:
A gazillion people pledged to preserve vintage pink bathrooms.
Maybe you have a pink bathroom. Or you just love them.
All are welcome.
Your Comment is your Pledge…
and while you’re there, share your pink reveries.

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  1. By Jill butters on

    I have been working with a client for the last several months, basically refreshing her already wonderful home. One day she asked me about the main bathroom…what were my ideas for this very pink situation? KEEP THE PINK!! I cried out! It’s beautiful, feminine, and oh so very unique! She agreed, so I began my search. That’s how I found your website. Thank you thank you thank you!! I cannot wait to get started!!

  2. By Susan on

    This place is exactly what I have been looking for! It breaks my heart every time I see someone tearing up a pink bathroom on a home renovation show. I thought I was the only one who loved to see a pink bathroom anymore! : ) Hooray for pink bathrooms!

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