1. By gregg snyder on

    Hello there pam! I got a house fromn the 50’z and I knew I had to restore it to its frmer vlory.i bought a 50s tub , toilet & sink.ingreen for the jack an jill and found new tiles ! BUT in bathroom 2 ( the pink one …I bought all the fixtures and the top with everything else..then I realized there are no pink tiles in that americcan standard light pink..I just got the estimate from the tile guy and he wants me to buyabout 350 square feet of things tiles which we will next little bit of Green in as well…do you know anywhere where I can find please I need for for is on I need pink: floor tiles 6×6 I need tiny 2×2 ” 6×6″..bullnose etc my only saving grace is that the bathroom is not huge like the green one…can you help me ? thank you, greg

  2. By Karen Burges on

    I have a fabulous, pink and green bathroom. This 1930’s house cried for pink. I have a mirror embellished with shells and many mermaid inspired art pieces.

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